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System monitoring maintenance agreements
  • A customized yearly service designed to meet your specific watering needs
  • Allows Lucas Irrigation to constantly monitor your irrigation system to maximize irrigation performance and potentially avoid excessive watering
  • Includes Spring Turn-On, Mid-Summer and Winterization services, as well as monthly adjustments and preventative maintenance
  • Costs are determined on an individual basis
Back Flow prevention safety check
  • Recommended every 3 years at time of Spring Turn-On
  • Back flow device is required by law and protects your drinking water by preventing siphonage from your lawn back into your domestic water supply
  • Inspection of all safety valves in unit to ensure that they are working correctly
  • Clean out reservoir
  • Check gaskets and bonnets assembly
SAVE up to 20% off your landscaping watering with a Wireless Rain Sensor

This Rain Sensor instantly shuts off the system when it begins to rain and allows for optimal positioning without unsightly wires. *Note: Rain Sensors are now mandated in most cities and towns.
wireless rain sensor
SAVE up to 30% off your landscaping watering with a Solar Sync ET System

Take the guess work out of irrigation scheduling by gathering data on site. This product is able to continuously calculate the ideal irrigation program for your landscape.
solar sync
SAVE up to 50% off labor costs by installing the Smart Port Remote Control

This tool allows technicians to pin-point trouble spots quickly and efficiently.
smart remote
NO ELECTRICITY – NO PROBLEM with the Smart Valve Controller

The installation of this battery operated controller is ideal for new construction where there is not yet electricity, areas where you can't get wires from your existing valves, temporary watering solutions (i.e. new trees) and basically anywhere that you would like operation of your irrigation system without having direct access to an electric connection.
smart valve

Lucas Irrigation
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